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The best places in your Taly accommodation to do drugs

In a completely hypothetical sense of course

Recently, an article was written seemingly accusing the Talybont residential complex of having a drug problem due to the fact that there have been eight reported incidents of drug crime in Taly in the past academic year.

So to try and help curve this problem that Talybont has a drug problem, we found the best and smartest places to partake in a cheeky bit of drug taking in our narcotics plagued accommodation (cause obviously we're all massive stoners).

In the shower

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Notice how I'll use my lighter in these photos, as an actual spliff may be a tad inappropriate

We'll start with one of the oldest tricks in the book, pretty much everyone knows that sticking the shower on and lighting up is the go to move… however in a tiny Taly wet room it may not be as easy as it seems (I can't have a shower without completely soaking every part of my 'bathroom'). Many people have also sworn that putting a sock (or more adventurously a condom) over the fire alarm stops it from going off. However just be careful you don't piss off your entire house with this method; the amount of times our fire alarm has been set off due to the heat from someone having a super long shower is NOT AMUSING.

Under your desk

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Think I pulled a muscle getting down there

Unorthodox as you may find it, consider this setting as a small dark space where you can escape from uni and all of it's stresses. Yes, being 5''4 may have made this position slightly easier for me to get into than a normal sized person, but let's think about the pros; you're next to the window for fast smoke dispersion, it's a great little hiding spot, and it's an optimal place for a post-smoke nap.

In your kitchen cupboard

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Forget hot-boxing your room, think creatively and hot-box a cupboard! We may as well make some use of our tiny kitchens, and a serious plus of this is the opportunity to scare the shit out of your unsuspecting flatmates as they make a midnight snack.

In the woods

Ok I admit, going into the woods to break the law is pretty much the beginning of every horror film ever, but you literally can't walk past them without smelling weed, and if you want a low key place with a very small chance of getting caught then the woods are a great option.

Up a tree

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Think I almost broke my leg jumping the 1ft back down to the ground

Why not leave your stuffy room behind and make like Bear Grylls, embrace your true anti-establishment, stoner self and enjoy smoking up in nature (while the Cardiff hockey team practice behind you). I will admit that there are very few climbable trees around the Taly complex so this may be easier said than done.

Hanging out the window

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Ok, this method may end up with you actually falling out of a window, but what's life without a little danger? Obviously students with flats on higher floors have a slight advantage when it comes to campus security, but I really think they're past the point of caring.

Underneath the house fire alarm

Go big or go home right? Just picture it; security respond to a triggered fire alarm only to find you sat in your house entrance high as a kite… you'd get in a lot of shit but you'd go down as a bloody legend.

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Go well my friends and remember, pugs not drugs x