Scouting for Girls will be at Walkabout in Cardiff

Elvis ain’t dead and they’re coming to the Diff

That's right – everyone's favourite noughties band are coming to Diff. They're the banger tunes you pull out at a dead pres to get everyone screaming at the top of their lungs.

But we can't skip too many heartbeats as it's only going to be a DJ Set rather than a live performance – but hey, what do you expect for £5 a ticket.

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The event takes places on the 15th of March and although early bird tickets are sold out, but advance tickets are still available for £5 for entry before 10:30pm (and if you want to make the night even more memorable then VIP are still selling away at £8).

What better way to spend your Thursday night than sharing the love with your mates and singing in their faces "she's so lovelyyyyy?"

P.s leave the iPhone at home as TNT have their own photo booth to capture the night meaning you can focus on all those shapes on the dance floor.

For more information visit the event's Facebook page here.