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Valentine’s is a load of crap, and I’m in a relationship

I’ll probably spend it alone

The 14th of February is a big day whether you're single or in a relationship. You either spend it with your partner, have an Instagram worthy 'Galentines', or you Bridget Jones it by staying in bed and watching films. Like Marmite, you either love or hate Valentine's Day. I loathe it, and here's why:

It's way too pricey

Zizzis, Pizza Express, GBK. You name it, I bet they're doing some kind of Valentine's meal deal- but it probably isn't even a big deal. You'll sit in a stuffy cramped restaurant, eating mediocre food and probably won't even be able to hear your date over everyone else, so what is the point?

Ordering in will probs be just as pricey, and who can be bothered with luke warm chow mein anyway.

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This double date cost over £40

Why only have a date night on this one day of the year?

I just don't understand the point of the day to be honest, it's mid February, it's cold and most of us are still poor from Christmas. If you're in a relationship, you should appreciate your partner every day anyway (cringe I know), but why is it just on this one day every year that you're actually expected to appreciate them- don't get me started on Valentine's social media posts. Someone please enlighten me on why this day is so bigged up.

It's advertised way too much

Literally, ever since the new year began, Valentine's Day has been shoved down our throats. Valentine's is so commercialised, and is a tedious excuse for a sales push. If it's not travel companies advertising mini breaks to Barcelona, then it's shops advertising ready meals for two, his and her fragrances and even condoms. Also why should this be the only time of year that you buy nice underwear?

Greggs has even jumped on the bandwagon this year for gods sake.

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I'd rather eat my sausage roll on the go thanks

Unnecessary presents and social media bragging

"Pandora!! Lucky girl". I dread these social media posts. They're generic and stupid. Your boyfriend has bought you a ring and a cheap card because someone else came up with the idea of loving your partner one day out of 365. Weird.

Most of the world acts like it's a competition to prove to everyone how much their significant other loves them. That piece of sterling silver and a cuddly toy you'll end up giving to your dog, should not be a symbol of love.

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Necklaces with initials on them are literally the worst. Lol.

The high expectations of date night

If you're in a relationship, you're expected to spend the night with your other half no matter what. However sometimes this just isn't feasible or simply isn't what you want to do. Long distance, LASH Wednesday, work committments- there are plenty of perfectly reasonable reasons, and to be honest it's one day which just isn't worth the hassle.

The guilt you're made to feel by other couples too, who constantly remind you of their loved up Valentine's plans and ask "aren't you doing anything" is pretty annoying. If I want to go out with the girls I will.

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Galentine's over Valentine's

So, you'll deffo find me being my own Valentine and watching all three Bridget Jones films tonight x