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There is a concert tonight at the SU all in aid of refugees and asylum seekers

All money raised goes directly to local projects in Cardiff

Refugee Rhythms is back for another year, a concert held all in aid of local charities who are raising funding for local projects in Cardiff to help people who are seeking safety.

The event which is organised by the student run STAR (Student Action for Refugees) who are promising a night of world music, food and dance all for charity.

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Guest acts for the night all include: The Alsaher Brothers, Harry Fitzpatrick, Eben Rees, Blue Honey, Flo Pugh and Ben Cowper (Sax' and DJ), Barron Fitzpatrick Jazz Band, Wonderbrass, Canopy.

The Tab Cardiff spoke to Claudia Wyatt, President of Cardiff STAR who told us that "Refugee Rhythms is a really anticipated event among both STAR volunteers and refugees and asylum seekers that come to STAR every week to learn English at our conversation classes and have fun and integrate in a warm and friendly environment."

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Claudia went on to say that "We have a great line up and hope that it will be a great night!"

STAR National also said that "every year Cardiff makes Refugee Rhythms really special with hundreds of people enjoying food from all over the world, live music, parting and DJ's."

The event starts at 8pm and tickets are £5 for students, and free for refugees or asylum seekers.

Tickets are available here for what is sure to be a great night.