Ammanford: The true capital of the world

“It’s about 30 minutes from Swansea”

"Where are you from?"- that dreaded question we all sigh at the sound of when Freshers' Week begins. You constantly think to yourself, do I chance it and say Ammanford? Only for your new flat mates to stereotype you as 'that Welshie' who definitely lives in the middle of nowhere surrounded by nature and animals – namely sheep.

You brave it and explain you're not far from Swansea (whilst picturing that lovely roundabout in Pont Abs where we've all had our fair share of panic). Little do these brand new faces know, that you're actually quite overwhelmed at the enormity of university – especially when you compare it to the little habits of Ammanford we are all guilty of adhering to…

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Hitting Wind St on those famous Student Wednesdays

After stressing with all your mates over the minibus and debating over that 3am or 3:30am pick up, you're finally at pres sipping your glen vod and lemonade from Sids. Finally, the famous Wind St of Swansea. You're rolling out of the taxi, one roaring lad scream "let's ave yeeeeww" coming from one way, a few girl cries another. You all gather together to make your way to the legendary Icebar (RIP). ID in one hand, free shot card in the other. You're itching to get inside for the sesh (or because the bitter cold welsh weather is no friend to your red carpet outfit, either one). Guaranteed you will bump into about seven old school friends, two ex boyfriends, four acquaintances, your brother's girlfriend's sister, your mam's second cousin and your uncle Dewi, it's a given. Didn't you know Icebar only let Aford residents in?

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The Cottage and The Square – Classic Aford Night Out

If you're not feeling Wind St Wednesday, don't fret, Ammanford's famous duo can lend a hand. If a vodka, lime and soda for £2.60 can't persuade you to spend your Saturday night in the Cottage, then you're not a true Aforder. Just be sure to have at least 10 before hitting the Square (trust me, having blurry sight is best.)

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YDA's notorious parking

Did you even go to YDA if you didn't curse Margaret Street every morning at 8:20am. You tell yourself every night you'll get there sooner to beat that girl in your maths class to the easy, parallel-free spaces – but that day never comes. So here you are, desperately scanning the road to find a space before you see the junction to the STAFF car park. It's not looking good, you get closer and closer to the junction. And there goes your luck. You're suddenly turning into the staff car park with your head bowed down. Some give you a wave (the nice ones), some give you that "you're not wanted here" stare. But none of that matters, as long as Ceri Evans doesn't catch you when you're walking back to your car at the end of the day.

Passed your test? McDonald's Cross Hands

Whether you just wanted to pass your test and headed over to Lampeter or Brecon or wanted to be the group hero and face the challenge of Llanelli, there's only one place that pink license is taking you on the day you pass your test – McDonald's Cross Hands.

Tesco Ammanford – the heart of the Aford community

So given the nightmare of a hangover, whether it's from Wind St or The Square isn't important, what's on your mind is that litre of orange luco, an abundance of savoury food and a slab of galaxy chocolate. Toss your hair in a bun, throw on a hoody and flip flops, and away you go to Tesco Ammanford. You tell yourself you won't see anyone you know when you get there, a lie we tell ourselves every time. At least three familiar faces are spotted the minute you walk through those sliding doors, a few more by the meal deal section and at least five checkout staff are your school acquaintances. Oops, there goes your dignity. Tesco Ammanford. YDA Represent.

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Y BETWS, a place where dreams are made

You're not from Ammanford if you've never taken a spin up viewpoint. Despite almost crashing into another car on the bendy roads up, your heart fills with awe when you overlook the views of your valley, the mystical Amman Valley. Whether you've gone up for a cheeky instagram at sunset or for any other reasons (not naming any specifically), you're bound to find your way up there somehow. Just wrap up warm when you take a seat on that broken bench.

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Ammanford, you may be small, and the best part of the town may be a Tesco, but aren't you a beauty.