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Dates confirmed as Cardiff University lecturers walk out on strikes later this month

Cheers, didn’t need my education anyways

Cardiff University lecturers are set to strike next month over pensions leaving students without formal teaching for seven days.

The university will be hit with two days of strikes from Thursday 22nd – Friday 23rd February and a full five-day walkout the from March 12th to 16th.

Lecturers that are part of the University and College Union have stated they intend to fight a change in the pension system that will leave them £10,000 worse off.

UCU General Secretary Sally Hunt said: “Staff who have delivered the international excellence vice-chancellors use to justify their own lavish pay and perks are understandably angry at efforts to slash their pensions."

A Cardiff University spokesman said: "The university has yet to receive formal notification, however we are aware of the proposed strike action and will ensure the impact on university business is minimised."

They went on to say that a "university-wide contingency group has been established to consider what measures will need to be taken to ensure day to day activities – including key activities of teaching and research – can continue."

More is expected to follow as the spokesman for the university also said "it remains an on-going issue and staff and students will receive regular updates once more details are known."