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Feline fanatics get ready, because a cat festival is coming to Cardiff

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Choosing your summer festival can be stressful af. You wait for what feels like half a year for the line-ups to be announced, and when you finally scrape enough cash together for a ticket, you find out your mates chose Creamfields and you chose Bestival.

But, worry no longer, as Crazy Cat Fest, a festival dedicated solely to cats, is visiting Cardiff.

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The festival will take place at Tramshed this summer, on the 7th of July. It is set to boast unique cat themed cocktails (nice), a market place, and lots of street food- obviously for you to splash the remains of your student loan on.

If that wasn't enough feline themed fun, a workshop is also being held, which focuses on helping you get the most Insta-worthy pics of your cats.

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There will also be a pop-up cat cafe working with local adoption centres. So you may end up going home for the summer will an extra pet to greet your parents with. Oooh, and there's a free cat themed gift which you can take home for your kitty, because duh, we all love free stuff.

So, if you're struggling to choose which festivals you need tickets for, or you've already visited the Cardiff Cat Cafe way too many times, this is for you. Cats are the only line-up that won't disappoint.

Tickets are on sale today. For more details head over to the Crazy Cat Fest website.