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Feeling lonely? Here’s how you can borrow a puppy for a day in Cathays

This is not a drill

Being at university is great and all, but being constantly around humans can sometimes get a bit too much and we long for some different companionship. We just want to fill the dog-sized hole in our lives.

Luckily for us all, there is no need to go back to your ex boyfriend for that, as the site Borrow My Doggy literally lets you borrow a real goddamn canine. Yes, really.

This could be u x

At first I was sceptical as I though there would be a complete lack of puppers in Cardiff, never mind Cathays, but turns out there are dogs in need of love all over the area!

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It's easy to sign up, you just have to make a profile, fill in your availability, what you'd be able to provide (exercise/company and playtime) and whether or not you have your own outdoor spare or garden. If you've got previous dog handling experience that's a plus.

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If you hadn't already opened another browser tab and started signing up for an account beforehand, I bet those pictures just made you do it.

If not, you have a heart of stone.