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Cardiff’s most eligible bachelor: Round Two

Boys boys boys

Round two sees the boys soft side come out with 2/3 being self confessed mummy's boys. We have the chairman of Law Rugby, a mummy's boy/ shoe addict and an Irish Prince Charming. But who is your favourite? Vote at the end of the article.

Tom Lucas, Third year, Politics and Philosophy

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He’s single and ready to be your sugar daddy. Tom is 6’3”, an absolute stunner and could charm the pants off any gal. He lives at the Lash and sleeps in the Mackintosh pub. He’s also the chairman of the Law rugby team and loves to down pints with his lads. Tom has a soft spot for netball girls but his heart will always belong to his mother, he is the ultimate mummy’s boy. On top of all this, Tom is a cracking cook. Safe to say he’s every Cardiff girl’s wet dream.

Munashe Nyamunga, Second year, Politics

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Another Law rugby lad and another local legend on Llandough street at least. Mush or Mushy as his friends call him is a mummy's boy who is addicted to shoe shopping, to the point that his shoe collection literally does not fit in his room. Mushy's one true love is the Lash and his pulling game is tragic so his friends have nominated him just to help him out. Bless. This party boy’s finally ready to settle down and has a thing for blonde Jomec girls…

Jack Pringle, 1st year Human Resource Management

Jack has nominated himself, the man we all aspire to be as confident as. Jack says he is confident outgoing and good looking. He also has an attractive Irish accent and is extremely charming, the cheeky Irish Charm. He also wears suits, who doesn't look good in a suit?

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