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The Taf’s Stock Exchange is back

It returns for this year’s Destination Winter WonderLASH

On the last day of term, Friday the 15th of December, the Stock Exchange returns to The Taf ahead of Winter WonderLASH in Y Plas.

For the freshers who don't know, the Stock Exchange is the best and most thrilling way to drink. The prices of drinks rise and fall throughout the night, and can be seen on screens around The Taf. Keep your eyes peeled, and you could get your favourite drink with some spare change.

The aim is to get to the bar quickly to secure your cheap drink, but if you're too slow, the prices will have risen again.

The Taf will be open on Friday from 11am, and Y Plas will be open at 9pm. Get your tickets for Winter WonderLASH here

Drink responsibly…