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Which Cardiff library is the best to take a nap in?

It’s time for a long, hard, day of napping

At Cardiff University, we are blessed with an array of libraries in almost every building. So what does this mean for us? Hundreds of places to study? Undisturbed, fantastic worth ethic? The possibility of finishing our essays perfectly on time, with an amazing amount of references? I mean, in reality no, because we all have a case of procrastination. But besides the whole study purpose of a library, that's not the most important thing.

The most important thing about having several libraries, is the amount of places for one to take a nap.

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But which is the best library to nap in? And if you can nap, would it be undisturbed and peaceful?

There was only one thing to do. Nap in all the most important libraries, and work out what one is the best.

Arts and Social Sciences Library (ASSL)

The ASSL initially seemed like a fantastic place to nap. Four floors, sofas, and 24 hour access? A napping dream! However, it was more disappointing than first realised. Lets start off on floor one:

Floor one

Let's just hope no one squeezes you shut ay

So, first of all it's the first floor you walk onto which means there are people everywhere, immediately creating a problem when it comes to napping. However, head over to the lovely roll open yourself shelves, you'll find a little gap which is perfect for a cheeky snooze. Of course, there is the chance you'll get squeezed to death if someone doesn't realise you're there. But definitely worth the risk. Other than this little section, first floor was a bit of a bust. You'd be woken up everywhere, the only sofa's are at the entrance, and there's pretty much someone everywhere.

The Ground Floor

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Classic nap on the sofa, can't go wrong

Okay, so the ground floor of ASSL is pretty poor. There's obviously the new cafe area which has several sofa's, as well as the two next to it, but there's no where discreet. If you plan ahead, you could book one of the study rooms out for a super exclusive nap, but lets be honest, naps choose us, we don't always choose the nap. Best bet is to be confident and just lay on the sofa. Beware of pissing people off though. Or getting stuff thrown at you. Basically, its poor as fuck for a nap.

Floor Two and Three

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Oooh, is that mood lighting?

Okay so after having a shit nap on the ground floor, you can just find yourself a little space under the stairs before heading up to two and three. Best place in the ASSL so far. But once you go up the stairs to the top two floors, be prepared to be disappointed. After searching for several minutes, the only place which was found for good napping, was the private study rooms you can hire for one person. But that includes preparation (as previously said, one does not choose the nap life). So yeah, floors three and four were awful.

Overall rating: 3/5 – Lovely spot under the stairs, and a sofa if you have the confidence. But in general pretty shit. Probably be better at four in the morning but by that point, you would've given up and gone to bed anyway.

Students' Union

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It's literally a hole in the wall made for napping. YES!

Yes I know, the SU isn't a library. BUT, have you been to the lounge on the third floor? It's PERFECT. There's literally a built in nap pod in the walls. I feel like I've entered google's head office when I take a stroll up there. There's several tables, several sofa's to lay on, and so much table room to do your work in a nice, chilled environment. But I have to say it again; NAP PODS. LITERALLY NAP PODS.

Overall: 4/5 – in case you didn't read previously, nap pods. Only negative is there isn't that many of them and during busy times the lounge area gets filled up pretty quickly. Also, closes normal SU time so can't do your last minute revision (napping) at three in the morning like ASSL.


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Damn that business reading gets tiring

Ah, you business school students have it GOOD. On the first floor, walk down a bit and the shelves on the right have a lovely little section hidden which is perfect for napping when those ethics of your studies get a little bit too much. You can't really be seen, and it is out of the way. The only problem is that if someone is on the hunt for the book your sleeping next to, expect to be awoken. So not quite the perfect nap you're after.

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Nothing better than hiding under a table, peaceful

Do not lose hope however, as if you go upstairs into the silent study area there is an amazing corner under the long desk which is amazing for napping. Tuck yourself right under, even hide yourself with a chair, and you'll be in napping heaven. Obviously, someone could kick you in the face. Not so great.

Overall: 4/5 – There's two fantastic areas for your napping needs. Hide yourself in the crevice of a book case or simply tuck yourself under the table. It's only open till 9.30pm however so do not expect any late night naps without being woken by security.


God, under the stairs is so perfect for a nap

Head straight to the newspaper section of the library and under the stairs supplies the most perfect place for a nap. Bute-tiful, honestly. You can't really be seen, and if you snuggle up enough under the crevice you're hidden for good. There's also some study rooms you can pre book if you're prepared.

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Another sofa galore, amazing

Not only is there the stairs, there's the sofa's as soon as you walk in. Unfortunately, as comfy as this nap spot may be, there's always people there. Plus you'd been seen as a bit of a selfish bitch taking up most of the only sofa's in Bute. Do it for the nap though guys. I believe in you.

Overall: 3.5/5 – There's the fantastic section under the stairs, but the sofa's are pretty on show and you'll easily get woken up. Probably also verbally abused. Plus it's only open until 9pm which means you can only day time nap.

Julian Hodge

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Needed to nap that quick, didn't even log on

Julian Hodge. More like Julian DODGE. There's literally no room to nap except in front of a computer, and you're literally on show for everyone to see. Which means judgmental looks because of the jealousy they have for not having your napping confidence.

Overall: 2/5 – only positive is its 24 hours so if you went early hours of the morning you may be undisturbed. But everyone can see. Everyone can disturb. Absolute let down.

Main Building/Science

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Lean and nap, lean and nap

In all honesty, as pretty as main building library is, there's basically no where to nap. It's so open planned and filled with big studying tables, there's just no where to hide. So, in between the wall and the book shelf was the best bet, but this does give some back ache and neck ache. Only short and quick naps are advised.

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Wooden nap pod maybe?

If you're lucky enough, there's these little private study tables with wooden panels up which could be seen as perfect for napping. They hide your face, kinda, and with a pillow was pretty comfy. But if it's peak times there'll all pretty much taken, so back to the wall and bookcase spot.

Overall: 2/5 – Main building is all about prettiness and openness, which is not the objectives of good napping. You have to hope the wooden nap pods are available, otherwise your victim to the gap, and it's only open till 9pm. Boring.


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Another gap, another nap

Oh sweet Trevithick. So modern. So new. So averagely okay for napping. The best place I found was in another crevice of a book case, this one however was supplied with a radiator. Toasty.

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Tables are beds only harder and higher up

However a blessing occurred, and a private group study room was available for the best private nap experienced. This was however, luck, as normally you have to book these little beauties out. Like all the other bloody libraries. But there was so much room, blurred out windows and even some mood lighting! What a dream. You engineers have it good.

Overall: 3.5/5 – Although my heated crevice was comfy and I had the pleasure of a private study room, it was so open planned and modern there were just no secret places to take a good break. We are blessed however with opening hours until midnight which is fantastic for some late evening napping. Suppose there is the good in the bad.

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Lean, mean, napping machine

After much consideration, and countless minutes napping, the clear winner is either Aberconway or the SU. But, I suppose theoretically the SU isn't actually a library, so I guess the winner is Aberconway.

But, if you're the dedicated napper which you of course are, every library is the best library for a nap. Just have the confidence, the willpower, and the procrastination of an absolute legend.

Sleep tight x