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Cardiff’s most eligible bachelorette – Round One

Not a bad start for the girls

Roll up, roll up it's time to find out Cardiff's most eligible bachelorette.

Here we have three contenders: An Archaeology student who is much more bump and grind than digging bones, a sociology meme master who would give Marx a run for his money, and English Lit posh princess.

Which one of these bachelorettes is your top pick to go through the next round? Vote at the end of the article.

Kate Evetts, 2nd year Archaeology

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According to her friend "there is no such a thing as a good picture of Kate, which is a shame really" hence why you can't really see her face. Kate lives in the Pryzm R’nB (curve) room and gets left there when her friends get bored. Cardiff's American Football Team are her weakness which can be confirmed by themselves. Kate goes missing for days which results in her missing all her house viewings but is a real keeper, if you can keep hold of her on a night out.

Alice Alexander, 1st year Sociology

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According to her friends Alice is a fucking fit legend. Only this girl could black out and face plant into Cardiff city centre floor twice and still make it into live lounge. She is a master of memes and in the process of making her own meme page. Alongside this her quote list is endless including the classics: "I haven't been to lecture in so long it would be weird to start going now" and "everything said in fattoush is bible"

Megan Hurst, 2nd year English Lit

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Quite simply Megan is a second year legend. The most remarkable thing about Meg is her glo-up from first year freshers- she can finally stomach more than three vodka and lemonades and she discovered urban outfitters so can now also dress herself. Meg loves a night out whilst also nailing the posh princess vibe.

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