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Netball team have their initiation interrupted by a house viewing

It’s never a good idea to go house-hunting on a Wednesday evening

On Wednesday, a group of unsuspecting freshers interrupted the Earth Society Netball team's initiations on a house viewing.

It was just like any other night in with the house: the room was covered in tinfoil, a parachute hung from the ceiling and space-themed (get it, because it's Earth Soc) stickers were stuck to the wall.

The Earth Netball girls – a team made up of students from subjects like Geography and Geology – were covered head-to-toe in green facepaint and cans were taped to their hands.

Then, they got a text from their estate agent and in less than an hour, students were looking round the house.

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Already drunk when the text came, the team found it funny. "Everyone came out of their rooms as soon as we got the text, we were all pissed and just laughed," says Annie, an Environmental Geography second year.

Unfazed by the impending house viewing, the girls continued with their initiations.

With foil and planets on the walls complementing their alien costumes, the girls began games, and "were doing the pop the balloon in a sex position game."

It was then the viewing group turned up.

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When the viewing party arrived, they "all looked a bit shocked," says Annie. Which you would, if you'd just walked into an initiation on your quiet evening of house viewings.

To make things more awkward, they couldn't get into all the rooms. The viewers "kinda peered into the kitchen as they couldn't actually fit in to have a look."

Anna, a Marine Geography second year who was also there, says they "just sort of stood in the doorway like 'what the fuck is going on'."

Just for comparison, this was the vibe in the kitchen:

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And this was the hallway:

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Unfortunately, the visitors didn't join in. According to Annie, the estate agent "wasn't happy," and didn't say a word.

They managed to capture the moment in all its awkward glory on their snapchat story.

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The tenants still remain hopeful and argue CPS should be grateful as they clearly showed the house’s potential for hosting good parties.