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Talybont North is way better than Talybont South

It isn’t so grim up north

If you're a fresher at Cardiff Uni, it's more than likely you'll be situated in Talybont- it's a shocker to meet someone who isn't. Whether you've forked out on Gate and Court or scrimped on North and South, you're here to have a good time.

You've heard of the North/South divide, and if you live in Taly you'll know that the competition between North and South is intense. Taly South may look nice, but Taly North definitely has the upper hand. After all, whats better than being two minutes away from Maccies?

Here are the many reasons why Taly North is simply better than South.

McDonalds is literally a two minute walk away

While this may not be the best of news for those who are attempting to maintain any notion of healthy living, for the rest of us, it's pretty damn convenient. In five minutes we can be right there, tucking into our 20 chicken nuggets- which we're definitely not sharing. I mean, imagine actually having to walk an extra five minutes from South to get those nuggs- so much effort.

Every morning after a night out we wake up feeling blessed that we can find our much needed hangover cure in under five minutes.

If that wasn't tempting enough, KFC is also only two min away

McDonalds is joined by KFC just across the road. KFC chicken and McDonalds fries = perfect match. The massive 24 hour Tesco which is also nearby, means our drunken escapades for fast food, crisps and ice cream are so easy. We never have to wait in long queues at Fattoush, or the McDonalds in town.

Additionally, the close proximity of Tesco means Taly North is often littered with abandoned trolleys. While this may not be great for the Talybont maintenance staff, it makes for a very enjoyable walk home for us Northerners.

It's loads cheaper

The cheapest en-suite room in Talybont South will cost you £4709.98 for the academic year. A premium en suite room in North will cost you the same, however, majority of students opt for a slightly smaller en-suite for just £4043.32.

While this price difference may not seem hugely unreasonable for a larger room, put this into perspective; majority of those living in Talybont North could buy 333 pints from the Taf, 256 VKs from the SU or 91 half chickens from Nandos with their extra cash.

No silverfish infestations

Despite the pretty misleading name, silverfish are small wingless insects that are pretty much harmless. Still though, you wouldn't exactly want an infestation of them in your flat. There are endless stories circulating around campus, from disgruntled Talybont South residents complaining about silverfish, damp and mould. Some have allegedly had to have their flats fumigated.

Of the list of things Taly South residents have that Taly North residents don't, silverfish are one we're definitely happy for them to keep.

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Talybont North

You can actually get a good nights sleep

On the rare evenings when freshers aren't seshing at the SU or embarrassing themselves in the disco room at Pryzm, a good night of sleep is usually something very much needed. Unfortunately for those in Taly South, this seems to be almost impossible due to the drunken shouts and screams from outside, of those staggering to and from town.

Luckily enough for us in Taly North, a significantly lower number of drunken students have to pass through our residences to get to town. And an even smaller amount are able to make it back without resorting to a taxi or just giving up and passing out on the nearest bench.

The ability to stare at hot sports teams from the comfort of your room

Whilst it isn't a luxury, this is a major bonus for us Northerners. The AstroTurf and small basketball 'court' situated in the upper middle section of Talybont North attracts all kinds of sports teams from football to ultimate Frisbee- which of course is a huge advantage for those in Taly North who want to get into playing sports.

For those of us whose idea of exercise is moving from our beds to the fridge, being able to look out the window and see the hot footballers in the middle of a game is rather decent (especially when it's shirts v skins, obviously).

Talybont North AstroTurf

Taly South may think it's Queen Bee, but lets be honest, the fact that we can roll out of bed, walk two minutes for a Maccies, go back to a flat free of bugs and watch a hot sports team practice without actually having to participate, is pretty amazing. We may not have the biggest rooms, but we have the spare cash to spend on double cheeseburgers.

This obviously proves that Talybont North is so much better than Taly South.