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We’ve found the cheapest and slightly grimmest houses in Cathays

To be honest, aren’t they all a little grim

Hunting for that perfect uni house for next year can be hard, and by hard I mean impossible. Let's be honest, no uni house is ever perfect, and the mould that will undoubtedly appear in some crevice of your room will be a constant reminder of this throughout the remainder of your uni year.

So, if you want to feel better about your current uni house, I have discovered some of the cheapest and grimmest houses in Cathays.

If, however, you do occupy one of these houses, all I can say is sorry…

Richards Street, five bed- £250

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This gem of a property is advertised at just £250 per person, per month. It is described as benefiting from 'five large double bedrooms'.

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Although, I somehow doubt that anyone is benefiting from the positioning of that chest of drawers against the wardrobe. The arrangement of the furniture, as well as the fact that the picture only shows half the room, clearly doesn't support the description of the rooms as 'large'.

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To top it all off your neighbours will enjoy a lovely view of you on the toilet or showering. You can thank your landlord for that. Cheap blinds over frosted glass- just what every uni bathroom needs.

Llantrisant Street, five bed- £270

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For £270 per person, per month you can live in this deluxe house….

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Oh wait… you won't be able to reach your dryer without climbing over the sofa. Talk about mission impossible.

Tewkesbury Street, four bed- £275

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£275 per person, per month, doesn't seem too bad when you're provided with a nice enough living room, where you can comfortably watch your 'Friends with Benefits' dvd…

It's the bathroom that is grim.

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It's granted that most uni house bathrooms will look like this at some stage. However, the fact these bathroom tiles are already mouldy, doesn't leave much hope that the rest of the house will be mould free. But, I guess like the canvas in the lounge says, 'Just Get On With It'.

Cathays Terrace, three bed flat- £290

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This property is also ridiculously cheap, for just £290 per person, per month. That's great, but the sofa looks as tired as a hungover fresher at their 9am lecture.

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Also, is this a launderette or a bedroom? You decide. Either way, that's an impressive clothes airer.

Cyfartha Street, five bed- £280

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Priced at £280 per person, per month, this property is located down a street you've probably never heard of. How do you even pronounce Cyfartha?

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Any chance we get to keep Nicolas Cage in that price? Nothing better than a box room…

Daniel Street, five bed house- £290

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£290 per person, per month. This property is perfect…if you don't mind spending the whole year getting cabin fever every time you go to the toilet. Yeah, no thanks.

These houses may not be the creme de la creme of Cathays, but its ok, because the money you'll save on your cheap uni house can be spent on some well earned VKs or late night chicken nuggets.

What's a bit of mould anyway.