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The All Blacks opened Cardiff University Gym today

Can they open every building please

Cardiff University's new gym has been christened today by the All Blacks, ahead of their game in Cardiff this weekend.

The team opened the newly refurbished venue with a training session, attended by Cardiff University Vice-Chancellor Professor Colin Riordan.

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Vice Chancellor Riordan and Head of Sport, alongside Sonny Bill Williams and Luke Romano

On Saturday, Wales will be hosting the New Zealand game at the Principality Stadium, so in preparation for the match the boys have been training in the University's gym.

The Fitness and Conditioning Center reopened on Senghennydd Road in time for the 2017/18 term and since then, the gym has already been graced by teams from Australia and Georgia, and is due to be visited by South Africa on the 2nd of December.

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The All Blacks were also spotted in the gym yesterday, and will be in Cardiff until the end of the week.

I know where I'll be looking for them.

Photo Credits: Cardiff University