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A coffee shop has opened in the ASSL

It’s got baristas and everything

The Arts and Social Sciences Library now has its own coffee shop.

It's on the bottom floor, and does all your regular coffees and hot chocolates you'd get in any coffee shop, just that instead you're surrounded by books.

What's more, it's £1.60 for a regular Americano.

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They provide a selection of sandwiches, cold drinks and cakes also.

As well as coffee they also do sandwiches, cakes and muffins, plus they use a stamp loyalty card system.

It's been there for just over a week, so the baristas are now fully into the swing of things.

It's open from 8am on weekdays and closes at 6pm, and on weekends 10am till 4pm, great for those early morning library sessions.

All ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced.

Just don't walk into Special Collections, which has books hundreds of years old, with your caramel latte…