Cardiff University has its own meal deal society and it’s the best thing ever

Finally, a society I can get behind

When you first get to Uni you're told there's a society to suit everyone's interests. And they're not wrong. The Cardiff University Meal Deal Society was founded a month and a half ago, and I honestly don't know why no one thought to do this sooner.

Their Facebook group has over 500 members and is a place for Cardiff University students to gather together and share their meal deal creations. They recently hosted a competition for members to post the worst meal deal possible, and there was a bevvy prize for the winner.

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Curtis James, the man behind the meal deals spoke to The Tab Cardiff: "I started the society because first and foremost I love a good meal deal, and I felt it was something that people could universally connect on".

He added, "We wanna have more socials and stuff to get people involved in real life, which would obviously be a lot easier by becoming an official University society.

"As the group grows it’s something that is gonna have to be considered at some point, because never in my life did I envision this would have over 500 members in a month and a half".

If the Meal Deal society is up your street or down your aisle (which it obviously is) join here and keep your eye out for more competitions.

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