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Cardiff’s Maddest Fresher 2017 nomination: Sasha Thomas

Seriously, this guy is cray

We may be six weeks into the semester, but that hasn't stopped the mad freshers of The Diff from causing havoc down Greyfriars and making drunken memories which will haunt them for life – or just 24 hours.

You may think you're a mad fresher after downing eight pints at your hockey initiation, or being kicked out of Pryzm. However, it takes real guts and something special to be crowned one of Cardiff's Maddest Freshers. The competition is fierce.

After several nominations and intense scrutiny, we can exclusively reveal the first nominee of Cardiff's Maddest Fresher 2017.

Sasha Thomas

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History and Politics fresher, Sasha stood out as a strong contender for the prestigious Maddest Fresher title for a number of reasons.

When he's not studying for his joint hons, Sasha is regularly seen hitting the town and is known for his infamous after parties in Taly North – which often end in complete chaos. I mean it's Taly North, what can you expect?

Sasha's friends have described how they once witnessed him so drunk when he got back to his flat, he choked on his Fattoosh pizza. It's understandable, as Fattoosh isn't quite Domino's, but it's surely edible.

Sasha then proceeded to empty his kitchen cupboards and cover himself in anything he could find. On this occasion (which we assume is a one off), Sasha poured water, olive oil, washing up liquid and then four pints of milk over himself. What he was trying to attempt to do, we don't know. But one thing's for sure – he definitely regretted it in the morning.

Will Sasha be your Maddest Fresher of 2017?

If not then don't fear, as you can still nominate for Cardiff's Maddest Fresher here.