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We asked VK how many VKs you should be drinking a week

Fun fact- they’re suitable for Vegans

It's a well known fact that VK has taken the student beverage market by storm. Let's face it- we all love a VK. It's clear from the taste and stickiness as they spill onto our clothes however, that this sweet nectar contains a whole lot of sugar and flavouring, but does anyone actually know what's in them?

The classic beverage of choice is sold at various bars, clubs and even supermarkets. On their packaging, supermarket Asda discloses the safety warning: "VK Blue contains Taurine and Caffeine. VK Flavours contain Caffeine. Not suitable for diabetics or any persons sensitive to caffeine."

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The Tab Cardiff spoke to VK and asked them about the key nutritional facts: "VK products are made using carbonated water, alcohol, sugar, fruit juice, natural flavours, sweetners, colours, preservatives and citric acid. There’s 1.1 unit in each 275ml VK. They are suitable for Vegans.

Sugar content varies between 4g and 7.7g per 100ml. We only use Sucrolose as a sweetner, a sweetner derived from sugar."

There is an average of 46kcal per 100ml. This tells us that on one of your standard Wednesday nights at The Lash this legendary drink has approximately 16.1g sugar, equivalent to four teaspoons of sugar, and contains a whopping 126 calories. This sugar content is just over half of your daily recommended amount. In just one drink.

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Just one won't hurt…

When asked what the recommended VK intake should be, Global Brands, the owner of VK, replied: "We do not have a 'VK' recommended weekly allowance as we follow the government guidelines of drinking responsibly and recommending that our consumer drink no more tan 14 units a week."

Despite being downed in seconds, these bottles of fruity fun have as much sugar in them as a single Cadbury Flake, a small cake, or a standard bowl of cereal.

Maybe we won't get cheesy chips after the sesh after all.