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USW and Met students need to get out of the Lash

Go find your own Students’ Union


YOLO on hump day and Juice on the weekends is a sacred tradition for all Cardiff Uni students. Unlike the clubs in town, the bouncers are friendly, the drinks come cheap and it's only a short walk from home. But it's not just us that have discovered the magic of Y Plas. Cardiff Met and USW students have begun weaseling their way into our domain and it's time to put our foot down.

Since Freshers' Week 2017, the SU has been more crowded than ever and even if you manage to get in, there's literally nowhere you can go to hide from the horde. The bar, the toilets, the dance floor and now even the smoking area has been overtaken. Our favourite club nights have turned into an unbearable night of bumping and accidentally rubbing up against strangers.

If this overcrowding issue was due to increased popularity among Cardiff University students, that's fair enough. But the problem here is that students who don't attend the university are marching into our SU in massive groups.

I understand the frustration of these non Cardiff Uni students, some of them don't have a Students' Union to go to in the area and their student nights shut way too early. But frankly, that's not our problem, especially because there are other options for them – clubs in the City Centre are open to everyone. When they show up to Y Plas, especially on Wednesday nights when Cardiff Uni societies show up in fancy dress for their socials, they're not fooling anyone.

Since this is a Cardiff University Students' Union, Cardiff University students need to be prioritized. USW and Met students are welcome to join us as a single guest but when they all enter Y Plas in a massive group like it's THEIR university, they're creating overcrowding issues and ultimately, it's a safety hazard.

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When entering the club, all students should have to present their Cardiff University ID and only be allowed one or two guests per person. It's sickening seeing nuisance outside visitors trashing our Students' Union without care because it isn't their own, and taking up space on the dance floor by pushing away actual Cardiff Uni students. When large groups of USW and Met students are inside the SU on a Wednesday night but Cardiff University societies are refused entry and forced to cut their socials short, there's clearly a problem.

USW and Cardiff Met students, listen up, find your own student nights. If you love YOLO and Juice so much I guess you should've just worked harder and gotten into Cardiff Uni instead.