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Uh oh, Cardiff Men’s football team are banned from the SU as well

Another one bites the dust

Cardiff Men's Football Club have been banned from Cardiff Students' Union for four weeks on Wednesday and Saturday nights.

The news of the ban comes just one week after the Rugby club was banned for poor discipline last week.

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The ban has reportedly come in place due to poor behaviour within the queue for the Students' Union prior to YOLO.

A spokesperson for the Students' Union told The Tab Cardiff: "We have been working with the Men’s Football Club to address behavioural issues which resulted in a ban on organised social activity within our venue."

The Tab Cardiff also spoke to one of the committee members who told us that "the club is disappointed with the behaviour of a small minority that led the Students' Union to have banned our organised social activities on Wednesdays."

He went on to say: "We are cooperating well with the Students' Union to ensure that it doesn’t happen again and members of our club can enjoy the traditional Wednesday night social within the SU facilities."