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These Cardiff students dressed up as silverfish for Halloween

Honestly I’ve never been more scared

What’s more terrifying than the SU running out of VKs? Or clowns roaming the streets of Cardiff? One word: Silverfish.

Yes, these three Cardiff students decided the scariest thing they could possibly dress as for halloween was the worst nightmare of anyone who's lived in Taly.

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If Lost return to Taly South

Hannah, a third year, lived in Taly during her first year and said her flat came up with the idea for their friend's 21st fancy dress party.

The Tab Cardiff spoke to them about why they wanted to induce every Cardiff student's worst fears. “People weren't that scared, but were more impressed with our creativity,” she said.

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"When we were in first year we always used to find them hiding under saucepans and under quilts, so we thought it would be pretty jokes dressing up as them."

Luckily they weren't hiding under any saucepans as "people kept taking pictures with us."

As for Halloween in Cardiff 2017, Taly Silverfish is surely going to be one of the best contenders for costume of the year.