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If you want to pull a rugby lad you’ll have to go to Retro because they’re banned from the SU

Hold back the tears girls

As a consequence of poor behaviour from their members, Cardiff University Men's Rugby have been banned from YOLO for four weeks.

Two weeks ago a student was filmed launching himself through the glass of a bus stop close to Aberconway Hall, so after investigating the incident Cardiff Students' Union decided to impose a four-week suspension on the team.

We'll be missing these sweet moves for a long while

The SU ban began the beginning of this week, so with one Wednesday down there are still three weeks of The Lash left where we can't try our luck in rugby corner.

The lack of Lash has caused the rugby boys to turn to Retro for their Wednesday night antics.

Confusion, horror, and happiness are just a handful of the emotions from students about the key missing members from The Lash.

Business Management second year, Emma Manning told The Tab Cardiff: "I’m devastated that they are banned from the SU because they are all so fit and it’s my only chance to get with them."

The president of the rugby club said: “The majority of our members bring talent on the field and build great friendships off the field, but to those who believe it gives them the right or sets an expectation to conduct themselves in an inappropriate manner, we say ‘You are not welcome’.”

The Students’ Union added: “The Union is disappointed by the behaviour that has been seen by some members and will continue to work closely with all sports clubs and societies to eliminate behaviour that is inappropriate.

See you in three weeks boys.