Cardiff University has warned societies not to hold white t-shirt socials after scandals over offensive messages

They’ve said that they’ll punish a whole group if one person has something offensive on their t-shirt

Cardiff University has advised all societies to avoid white t-shirt socials, where messages are written on blank white t-shirts, in an email sent to societies at the university.

This comes after The Tab exclusively reported on two separate incidents in recent weeks, where students had written "consent is a myth", and "I love rape" and "F**k the Syrians" in Sheffield and Falmouth respectively.

A jacket worn by an Exeter student during a similar social

The email, which was sent by one of the Cardiff Students' Union staff, said:

"Dear committee member, there seems to be a trend of running white t-shirt socials amongst UK University student groups at the moment. These socials are often getting out of hand and finding their way into the media spotlight due to unacceptable phrases, statements and logos being written on the t-shirts.

"We strongly advise you to avoid organising such socials as if unacceptable and offensive comments are found to be written on t-shirts of anyone attending the event it is highly likely your group will face a suspension from activity and go through a university disciplinary.

"It will not be acceptable to try and mitigate the situation by suggesting someone else was responsible for writing comments on a t-shirt your or one of your group is wearing."

Attached to the email were links to articles reporting on the stories broken recently by The Tab.

The full email can be found below:

The aim of the warning is an attempt to try and curb offensive behaviour that can often follow with the social.

As shown above, societies that partake in the social could face disciplinary action from the university, such as suspension from the society or further disciplinary procedures.