Cardiff students tell us about the most ridic​ulous shit their posh housemates own

Why would you ever need a £400 drinking straw

Posh housemates provide the best entertainment around the house. Because they've grown up with little to no financial problems, they don't seem to understand the difference between essential home objects and unnecessary bullshit. FYI, no one needs a personal washing machine in their Taly flat.

Emily, 20, Journalism

I once slept over at this guy's place and he had a REAL DEER HEAD hanging over his bed. So basically he told me that he bought the deer head within the first week of freshers, it was an enormous bloody thing and frankly terrifying to sleep under! He also had all the gadgets: Xbox, Apple, etc. He had loads of posh clothes, I slept in a Gucci t-shirt. We never saw each other again after that, he was so bloody posh!

Jen, 20, Journalism

One of my posh housemates admitted to me that he owns a silver Tiffany's drinking straw that cost him around £400 – he calls it his special gin drinking straw. That's like twice our rent but to him it was probably nothing. I didn't even realise posh drinking straws were a thing.

Fern, 18, Journalism

One of my coursemates who lives in Taly South has a housemate that brought a new washing machine to uni with her and somehow managed to get it up a fair few flights of stairs. She got her dad to install it in the kitchen for her but he clearly didn't do a very good job as it ended up leaking and pretty much flooded the flat beneath her. How she even managed to get it into her Taly flat without anyone saying anything is beyond me.

Rosa, 19, Human Geography

My housemate got her dad to get her an "air refiner" – the £300 Dyson hot and cool fan heater – which is supposedly because she's got asthma but really she just uses it as a heater (not sure she's heard of normal radiators). She also had to swap rooms because her electronic ergonomic chair and desk, which she can press a button to change the height of, wouldn't fit in the smaller room. She also thought a fondue kit was an essential kitchen appliance.

Susannah, 19, History

Basically, this girl I lived with in Taly South went home for a few days and then came back in the car with a load of stuff including this designer make bean bag. Apparently it's called a Fattboy bean bag and cost over £150. She said it was originally used as a bed in her swimming pool room at home and just dumped it in our kitchen and we rarely used it.

Emily, 21, Journalism

My housemate once had a really expensive metal spiraliser that she made courgetti with… I don't get it either. Just buy some spaghetti.

Sarah, 19, History

This guy I lived with in Taly bought a £150 pound Burberry card holder – like legit just a tiny flat piece of leather with a pocket that fits two bank cards at most. I think he just uses it on nights out instead of taking out his actual wallet, he's so rich that he doesn't really carry change. I also found out he went to the same private school as Kate Middleton.

Rohanna, 20, Maths

I cannot understand my housemates' decision to spend over £1500 on a custom-built gaming pc with two monitors and a metal frame on which he has them mounted when he BARELY EVER USES IT! When he has made the computer greet him as "senpai" (I know, kind of creepy) and proclaimed throughout first year (in front of his lovely girlfriend I might add) that the computer was the love of his life, I ask you, was it really necessary to spend a small fortune on a beautiful computer that is just sat in the corner of his room gathering dust?

Dan, 20, Natural History

One of my housemates in first year went shopping every day and brought back at least a couple of massive Chanel shopping bags home every day without fail – she called it retail therapy. No one knows how much she spent exactly but she'd say that she ONLY spent a few hundred pounds and she wouldn't even look at her Chanel clothes after she's worn them once. She also didn't know how to do basic tasks around the house because she grew up with servants – she emptied out an entire bottle of washing up liquid when washing one plate and tried to microwave an entire tub of butter because it was "too solid".