Which Greggs item is your Cardiff halls?

Sausage roll anyone?

Taly South – Sausage Roll

Taly South is probably the best halls you can live at in Cardiff, purely because of the wicked social life and lit pres. Considering Taly South is the most popular halls, the only Greggs item that can be compared to it is the humble sausage roll. Like Taly South, the sausage roll is superior to all other items at Greggs. Not only this, but when Greggs open their doors at seven am no one's running in to buy the first katsu chicken bake – no, they're running for that delicious sausage roll – just like a Wednesday night before the lash when everyone's rushing to Taly South to attend those sweet sweet pres.


Taly North – Chicken Bake

Taly North is pretty much the BTEC version of Taly South. This is why it can easily be compared to a chicken bake – quite a decent pasty but still can't be compared to the Greggs God that is the sausage roll.

Taly Gate – Chicken and Sweet Potato Bake

If you're gonna try and be all fancy with your choice of halls, you're obviously gonna try and be all fancy with your choice of pasty in Greggs. Let's be fair, this pasty is just for people who have the money to go splashing it around on random shit, just like the residents of Taly Gate.

Ooh, fancy

Taly Court – Sausage, Bean and Cheese Melt

Sausage, bean AND cheese you say?! This pasty has everything – just like Taly Court with their posh en suites and fancy couches in the communal area. Everyone who lives at Taly Court had a shock when they realised Mummy and Daddy couldn't cook for them anymore. That's why the sausage, bean and cheese melt is right up their street – it's like a meal in a pasty!

Senghennydd Court – Steak Bake

Let's all be completely honest now, who would actually pick a steak bake out of everything else in Greggs? Obviously must be the same people who picked Senghennydd Court over all the other halls at Uni. Steak bakes are probably one of the worst pasties at Greggs – which is why it can easily be compared to the polished turd that is Senghennydd Court.

University Halls – Cheese and Onion Bake

Ahh, University Halls, the one everyone forgets exists because it's so far away. Sorry Uni Halls, it's a cheese and onion bake for you, because that's probably all that will be left by the time you actually make it to Greggs.

Aberconway/Colum Road Halls – Katsu Chicken Bake

Yeah, I didn't know they did that at Greggs either. Kind of like your reaction when someone tells you they live at Aberconway/Colum Road Halls. The Katsu Chicken Bake is the same as the Colum Road halls – sounds like it could be alright but when you actually see it you're glad you went for the sausage roll.

Liberty Living – Cheese and Bacon Wrap

People only live at any of the Liberty halls because they got allocated to it at the last minute and don't want to miss out on the experience of living in halls all together. A cheese and bacon wrap – expensive yet disappointing. Similar to Liberty really – the double beds and fancy showers don't make up for the shit social life and long walking distance from Uni. To put it bluntly, you'd only get the cheese and bacon wrap if there was nothing else left, just like your allocation to Liberty Living.

Anyone for a Greggs then?