International students tell us the weirdest things they’ve noticed since living in Cardiff

Surprisingly, the Welsh language wasn’t one of them.

Everyday mannerisms that may seem completely normal for UK students can leave many international students in a state of shock. We asked some of Cardiff's international students what they found to be the strangest thing about their new home.

Mina 19, Bulgaria, Psychology

I have noticed that UK people tend to have weird fashion sense. They wear glossy stuff with fluffy coats for instance and they combine colours weirdly.

Ivy 21, America, Journalism

I find it odd that there are so few mixer taps here. Why can't I have warm water? Why is it always only one or the other? I'm always either freezing or burning my hands off.

Jules 17, France, Politics

People say "sorry" all the time. Also the fact that everything closes at 5pm, that's annoying as hell.

Eduardo 18, Brazil, Journalism

There are no bakeries here to buy regular bread, we have to buy it at the supermarket.

Gal 21, Malaysia, Law

You have to pay extra for ketchup and sauces at fast food restaurants.

Alex 18, Romania, Mathematics & Computer Science

I had never seen so many people with dirty sneakers before.

Kana 20, Japan, Business

Trash cans! There are so many trash cans on the streets!

Emma 19, France, International Relations

Girls here wear a crazy amount of make-up and very little clothes.

Jin 20, America, Journalism

Everyone here is obsessed with the sesh… they just don't stop drinking! Especially the Welsh. Even a small Welsh girl seems to be able to drink more than a massive American frat boy. I just want to know what their livers are made of! Also, I've never heard of "Freshers' Week" in my life until I came here – it left both me and my liver traumatised.

Deepika 19, India, Journalism

So you know how people ask you "You alright?" when they actually mean to ask "How are you?" It's quite funny, cause at first I was like what's wrong with me?!

Living abroad takes a lot of guts so we applaud these brave souls for venturing into the unknown. Cardiff can be a strange place after all.