BREAKING: Cathays Lidl has run out of carrier bags

Everyone keep calm

With queues to the back of the store and baskets lined with kangaroo steaks, the usual obscene amount of bakery items and all the other random shit Lidl sells, students are being told at the self-checkouts that there are absolutely no bags in store.

That's right. Zero. Nada.

It is going absolutely crazy.

USW Media and Communication and Media student, Ericka Louis-Marie, is at the scene.

'I got to the self check out and paid for all my stuff by contactless. I had loads, so I was pretty annoyed when they said there were no bags left after I'd actually paid. The man on the floor was nice though, and went out the back and gave me a box to put everything in.'

A Lidl bit of an issue

A Lidl bit of an issue

A representative from Cathays Lidl offered an insight into the ongoing crisis.

'We were let down on a delivery today. It has been stressful.'

A Lidl bit impractical

A Lidl bit impractical

The frenzy looks set to continue.