Here are just some of the societies you have probably never heard of

Assassins Society anyone?

At Cardiff University there are 184 societies, and most students will only be aware of a handful of the sport teams or groups they can join. The ones on offer at every uni. From sport to music there are various popular societies to get involved with, however behind these well known, universal societies, there are some pretty quirky and original ones out there too.

Medieval Re-enactment Society

A very new group joining the Guild of Societies, the Medieval Re-enactment Society enjoy exploring history through music, acting, combat, art, and archery. Through joining this society students will gain a passion for 12th century findings and faces, as well as being able to take part in various events and educational trips.

The president of the society, Matthew Wilson, told The Tab Cardiff: "Part of a 600 strong International society, Historia Normannis (and Cardiff University Medieval Re-enactment Society) aim to bring history to life. We practice competitive, non-scripted combat with an excellent safety record as well as making equipment such as shield, weapons, armour, clothing and furniture."

Tea Society

Believe it or not, this society is more than just sitting around worshiping tea. A huge selection of tea is on offer for students to try, as well as cakes, board games, socials, painting, and coffee shop crawls around Cardiff Central.


Alternative Music Society meet once a week to escape the mainstream venues and music throughout Cardiff, and spend the rest of their time attending local live music events and pub quizzes.

ALTSOC's Secretary, Thomas Holcroft, and Social Secretary, Rosie Bradley, told The Tab Cardiff: "Our main aim is to create a friendly atmosphere for people to go to gigs, clubs, discuss music or simply socialise. Our tastes in music vary from indie to metal, you'll definitely find someone with similar music tastes."

Vegetarian and Vegan Society

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The objectives for the Vegan and Vegetarian society are to bring these like-minded students together, sharing recipe ideas, exploring vegetarian and vegan restaurants and festivals, and educating interested students about their lifestyle and dietary choices. Sometimes it can be hard to cut out meat by yourself, so by joining this society you will be surrounded by others who are ready and willing to help.

Assassins Society

No you don’t get to run around chopping people in half. The Assassination Society take pride in committing the safest assassinations ever, only using equipment such as foam swords and balloons. The society is a game where students are provided with the name of their target, and from there the aim is to catch them off guard and ‘kill’. Prizes are given to top assassins, so if you want to literally get away with murder then this is the society for you.

Harry Potter Society

Needless to say, Harry Potter fans are like a cult who need their own society. They host their own quizzes, films nights and socials, and on a larger scale their own Yule Ball and trip to the Harry Potter Studios. Both small and huge Harry Potter fans should join this society faster than a Seeker trying to catch the Golden Snitch.

Disney and Musical Theatre Society

Everyone has a special place in their heart for Disney. Whether you want to binge watch every single film or just discuss how annoying Frozen has become, the Disney and Musical Theatre Appreciation Society is here for all your fairytale needs. This society offers the usual selection of quizzes and movie nights, but also hosts theatre trips, open mic nights, and even workshops and tutorials for those who want to pursue a career in musicals. And with endless dressing up opportunities, this society will definitely have the best costumes in the Lash.

Nerf Society

Let’s face it, we all own a Nerf gun. It’s time to put them to use and get involved with games like Capture the Flag, Survival, and Scavenger, alongside other students in Nerf Society.

The president of the society, Luke Morgan told The Tab Cardiff: "Nerf Society is all the fun of paintball without the cost, pain or travel. We offer combat simulation in a safe, inclusive environment, using foam-firing Nerf blasters. Players are thrust into an action-packed environment that relies on skill, teamwork and tactics in order to win."

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And for anyone who reads this I have just assassinated you btw.