Nominations are now open for Cardiff’s Maddest Fresher 2017

Could you be crowned the winner?

Freshers may be over but the shaming is yet to come.

We're all probably settling in to our weekly lecture routines by now, but The Tab Cardiff are back with the Maddest Fresher competition of 2017. Think back to those classic moments back from Freshers' Week; when the sesh was legendary and the fucks were nowhere to be seen. It's time to share those moments with the world.



Whether it was at an event, as part of an initiation or just a cheeky night to the SU, we want to hear it all! The (hopefully not so) good, the extremely bad and most definitely the ugly.

If you know someone who partied their Freshers to the max then this is their time to shine.

So, do you know Cardiff’s Maddest Fresher of 2017?

Send your nominations to [email protected] with the fresher’s name, course, age, a picture or two of them and a paragraph of their maddest moment.

Good luck and may the maddest fresher win!