Incoming freshers, these are all the things Cardiff finalists want to tell you

You can retake an exam, but you can’t retake the sesh.

Freshers' 2017 is here and with it comes thousands of fresh minds, healthy livers and socially awkward encounters. But fear not young ones, we were all like you once.

The Tab Cardiff spoke to a diverse range of students about their Freshers' year experiences to bring you some first class stories and advice on how to ensure your time at Cardiff is a time you will never forget.

Roshan, 21, fourth year, Medicine

Roshan (right)

Roshan (right)

Roshan has one main tip: "It's pretty cliche but be yourself and make as many friends as possible". He wants freshers to try out as many societies as they can and stresses they should "embrace every opportunity that presents itself".

Hannah, 21, third year, English Language

Hannah (Right)

Hannah (Right)

Hannah stressed the importance of meeting new people: "My flatmates from first year were complete strangers. We become so close and now I know them really well". You heard her, so for the first time in your life don't do as your mother advised and talk to strangers!

Lauren, 21, fourth year, Environmental Science

We asked Lauren what she wishes she could have done differently. She replied "I wish I had comfier shoes. I didn't realise how much walking I'd have to do." She also wishes she'd known "how much it fucking rains!!!" and how a waterproof would have motivated her to go to more lectures.

"I probably wouldn't have bought a freshers wristband and would have tried to host pres more as that's how I really got to know people."

Aditi, 21, third year, Social Science

Aditi (Giraffe)

Aditi (Giraffe)

When interviewed about her experience, Aditi advised "if it's your first time trying beer, don't try to down it".

"Also, I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new and different – something you can't see yourself doing."

Alex, 22, fourth year, Politics

Alex (Middle)

Alex (Middle)

Alex had some very wise words to share with us: "Cardiff has a lot to offer outside of Przym and Glam. Freshers doesn't have to be a bubble, make sure you explore and enjoy yourself! If you're not enjoying yourself, don't feel bad about it, the students union has an advice service and you are not alone in how you feel".

Amelia, 21, fourth year, Environmental Science



Amelia's main tip was to prioritize the real important things at uni – the sesh. "That first week of uni really doesn't matter, you just have to show your face. £3 bottles of wine from Tesco is the best option but don't go for Lidl's blue vodka as it will leave you bed ridden for the entire next day".

"Advice: You can never relive a party. You can retake an exam, but you can't retake the sesh. Find live lounge and discover their £1 wine!"

So, to the freshers of 2017, we advise that you simply say yes to every opportunity that arises but if you need a chill, take one! Find a society that suits you and don't pass up on cozy nights in with the flat!

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