What to do when you don’t get into halls

Who needs Taly anyway?

The first year of university has always been associated with one thing; the mental, living-for-the-sesh halls experience. But what about those poor students who didn’t make the cut, finding themselves desperately searching for a place to live a few weeks before the notorious freshers' week? I was one of those students so you're not alone, and the university accommodation is just as good tbh.

Here's how to beat the accommodation blues and start university in the best way possible.

Accept defeat (and somewhere cheaper to stay)

Being the most popular halls of residence, scoring a teeny room in the well-known Talybont which let’s be honest, we all put at the top of our preferences, is highly unlikely. And don't hold out for someone to give up a room- you will just end up homeless.

Although the university tell you to look at the gold standard accommodation, don’t waste your time. It is more worth your while to start talking to potential housemates and explore what the letting agencies have to offer.

You can get that sky wherever you live

You can get that sky wherever you live

Don’t be shy

Facebook is your best tool in this scenario. From a young age we’ve had it drilled into us from everyone, the annoying “don’t talk to strangers" lecture, but in this one unique case just go for it. It may seem nerve racking at first, getting in contact with total strangers, but these people are in the exact same position and no one is going to think you’re weird. They'll be relieved that someone came forward and asked them first!

After many conversations, a group of people will come together like a beautiful new family, all ready to start searching for some snazzy place to live in the heart of Cathays.

Time to Facebook stalk

Time to Facebook stalk

Do your research

Once you have found the people you want to live with you can start the fun part, searching for your house party haven. It's important to look at and explore a wide variety of letting agencies and what they have to offer, because from mice to bed bugs, you need to know what you are really signing up for.

When we first viewed our property it seemed perfect, but within weeks the kitchen fell apart. Read some letting agency reviews, and when viewing potential properties search every inch of it for any possible flaws. And don't worry- we don't live in that house anymore.

How does this work?

How does this work?

Don't worry you will make life long friends

No matter where you live, you will still meet amazing people. Whilst being an exciting prospect, living in halls is not an essential experience at all.

After a year of living with complete strangers, incredible life-long friendships will form, all beginning with the shared panic of not having a place in halls. The university experience is made better by the people you meet, not where you live.

Pals for life

Pals for life

Cathays is more fun anyways.

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