The Taf – Cardiff’s Jewel in the reasonably priced crown

A home away from home

Among the many pubs in Cathays, there is only one that from fresher to final year that we all hold dear to our hearts. It's incredibly cheap pints, the proximity to Y Plas, and Sky Sports News being only channel that is ever one, The Taf is truly an unsung hero of Cardiff life.

Here's just a few reasons why the Taf is bae:

VK buckets

What’s better than a VK? A load of them chucked into a bucket along with some other alcohol and mixers, and only spending £5. Nothing says a proud Cardiff University student like sitting in The Taf, VK bucket in hand, singing (or trying to, if you’re English) along to the Welsh national anthem that’s printed on the wall.

Quiz Night

The question coming out of everyone’s mouth on a Thursday – ‘shall we go to quiz night at The Taf?’ The answer is obviously yes. Every Thursday from 8pm, the Taf has a massive pub quiz night and it’s a perfect way to get ridiculously drunk before heading to the clubs. Ending up on a team with people you’ve never spoken to before just to form an alliance to win the pints and then never speak to them again after that.

Stock Exchange

Every Friday night The Taf do the stock exchange. Basically, the prices of drinks fluctuates depending on what drink is the most popular. It’s generally just another excuse to get absolutely smashed without spending all of your money. By the end of the night, most likely too drunk to even notice what drink is the cheapest and end up paying £3 for a VK when a vodka and coke has gone down to £1.50. Wait, pints have gone down to £1? I’ll have ten then please!

Optimal lighting

Optimal lighting

Drink the Bar Dry

It's starts at 11am and there’s a new deal on drinks every half hour, because there’s nothing better than sitting in The Taf all day getting drunk with your mates but also being there early enough to get heaps of food.

Chilli nachos are a go-to. The last SU event of the term also coincides with Drink the Bar Dry which means you’re already drunk enough for Y Plas before pres have even started.

All in favour of all day drinking say aye.


The Taf Carvery is loved by all. If you’re a loyal Taf-goer, then you probably save up points on the YoYo app to get a free carvery. If not, you’re in luck as they’re only £5.95 anyway. It is an unbeatable cure for a hangover on a Sunday afternoon after a heavy sesh at Juice the night before.


Probably the best thing about The Taf is the £2 pints and the ridiculously cheap food. What more could you want as a student than to pop down the local pub for a burger and a pint for less than £10? To top it off, you'd think because of the cheap prices you'd get small portions but you'd be very much mistaken. Just look at the size of their chilli nachos!

Forever loyal to The Taf!