We spoke to the winner of The Tab Cardiff’s BNOC of the year 2017

What a ledge

With over 330 votes, second year English & Philosophy student, George Watkins has been crowned as Cardiff’s Biggest Name on Campus 2017. George, who is the News Editor of Gair Rhydd and a writer for The Tab Cardiff is without a doubt a well-known guy for all the right reasons. We spoke to the man himself about his amazing victory:

George, congrats! How does it feel having been bestowed with the title of The Tab Cardiff’s BNOC of the year?

It’s an absolute honour. It’s going straight at the top of my CV. I never thought I’d have any luck against club promoters (the real heroes of the world), considering I don’t drink/ am not cool in any way whatsoever.

Is there anyone in particular you’d like to thank?

My family, for wondering when I was going to do anything worthwhile with my life. Also- my friends for laughing at me every step of the way.

Why do you reckon you were nominated, and why do you think over 300 people voted for you?

I’m pretty sure I was nominated because I nominated a friend of mine and he wanted some form of revenge. On a serious note, I feel like there’s a growing demand for different things on campus besides getting smashed and seeing how many girls you can sleep with. Mental health is also starting to get the recognition it deserves, considering statistically at least 7000 students suffer with it here. It doesn’t make a difference for me whether people know who I am or pay me any attention at all, as long as this issue I’ve practically sold my soul to is being taken seriously.

How do you manage to find the time for your million and one committee roles and involvements at university?

I don’t. You miss something out a lot of the time. Usually sleep. Also- I make a lot of lists I never finish.

How do you feel you will cope with your new found fame?

Possibly buying a fur coat and hiring an entourage to take me to lectures.

As a prize for being voted as the main BNOC, you have been granted 3 wishes, what will you spend them on?

1. For people to stop FUCKING STEALING MY BIKE. 2. Free food at The Taf. 3. To get a Love Island water bottle with my name on.