Just some pictures of Cardiff looking really, really beaut in this heatwave

More bragging material for when you’re back home

Cardiff is known for the endless rain and clouds but some time after all the students have gone, the sun comes out again – which is a bit cruel if you think about it.

So while you’re home enjoy these photos of Cardiff, if it looks a bit different that’s because the sun’s actually out for once. I know.

This little gem right next to the castle that no one ever seems to notice

Friary Gardens

We’ll probably never get rid of the clouds but the blue skies help

Duke St

Oh City Hall, filled with nightmarish memories of exam season…

City Hall

Can’t deny how pretty it is though tbf

Clock Tower, Cardiff City Hall

But still not as pretty as the Main Building at sunset. Remember when Capaldi himself graced these halls for Doctor Who filming?

Main Building

They filmed Doctor Who here too, don’t you forget

Cathays Park

… and they filmed Sherlock here, does anyone even remember?

Queen Anne Square

Behold, a rare scene on Column Road – not a single bin bag or seagull in sight. Okay, maybe like one seagull but just squint and it’ll go away

Column Rd

And don’t forget about the amazing street art around City Road

Northcote Ln

And there’s nothing quite like a picnic at Roath Park

Roath Park

Or maybe take the boats out and crack open a cold one with the boys

Roath Park

Seriously though, why don’t we go down to the castle more often?

Cardiff Castle

Send your relatives a picture of this and tell them you go to Hogwarts and they might actually believe you

Cardiff Castle

The view from the top of the castle isn’t too bad either – you’re alright Cardiff

Norman Keep, Cardiff Castle

Is that really Senghenydd Road? Not so grey and miserable now, are ya?

Senghenydd Rd

Oh Pontcanna Fields… makes you miss first year at Taly, doesn’t it?

Blackweir Bridge

Did you know there were horses roaming around Pontcanna fields?

Pontcanna Fields

And of course, we can’t forget about good ol’ Cardiff Bay

St David’s Hotel

From sunrise…

The Lounge balcony, Students Union

… to sunset, the view from the third floor of the SU never gets old

Student media balcony, Students Union

Cardiff, you are so unbelievably beaut

Norman Keep, Cardiff Castle