Rejoice, Ladies! Free tampon dispensers to be installed in the Students’ Union

How bloody fantastic

The SU President for the past year, Sophie Timbers, has fulfilled another of her manifesto points by getting tampon dispensers installed in both the main Students’ Union on Park Place and the Heath Students’ Union by this upcoming September.

All of us females can agree that the sanitary products we require are not a luxury and are most definitely a necessity, so to have been granted this wonderful gift of free tampons is an amazing move forward for the SU.

The dispensers will be located at the Reception of the SU, on the 3rd floor in Student Advice, and at the Heath Park Campus SU as well.

Sophie stated in a Facebook post: “This was something you elected me to do and just before I’m about to leave, I’ve been able to tick off one of my last manifesto points!

“There will be a variety of sanitary products available for those students in need. Don’t forget to look out for the student-led “Periods in Poverty” campaign in the new year too. This is in relation to a motion/policy that passed at our SU AGM.”