Just pictures of the Champions League in Cardiff

Something about Cardiff you can actually show your mum

The Champions League is in Cardiff this weekend and as a result, the City Centre is full of Champions League advertising. Here’s a selection that you can show your mates and family back home. You know, actual pictures of Cardiff you can show them instead of those miserable selfies in the ASSL or messy club photos from Juice.

Books, restaurants and oh, a big old dragon in a ring.

Cardiff Library

Strangely hard to see when it’s literally the size of a car park and glowing yellow.

The Walkers wave opposite the stadium

This looks far too planned if you ask me.

The Hayes

Yes, this is on my Instagram, don’t judge me. Gotta take advantage of these prime Instagram photo opportunities. Remember, these new decorations won’t be up forever.

St Marys Street

Just cool tbh. But is it better than the Rugby World Cup ball?

Cardiff Castle

The castle looks 1,000 times better in the sun… if only it was this sunny more often. But hey, we didn’t choose to live in Cardiff for the weather, right?

Cardiff Castle on a rare sunny day

Fair play to Gary Lineker, no one looks great in yellow. Also, does anyone actually know what this is even for? Are they going to be handing out free packets of crisps? Because, if so, I will see you there.

Queen Street

If none of these are on your Instagram then what are you doing with your life? Do you even live in Cardiff?