Exclusive: Cardiff students are charging £900 for their rooms on Airbnb for the Champions League Final

‘Access to not one, but two bathrooms!’

With the Champions League final just around the corner, the inevitable influx of football fans from all over the world are soon going to take over the streets of Cardiff. With the immense popularity of the event, prices for rooms in hotels have soared, with some even hitting £3,040 per night. One Airbnb room was even sold for £4,284 for two nights.

“Bigger than my future”

We have found student attempting to rent their rooms, and in some cases their entire homes, on Airbnb – and they’re charging hundreds of pounds. One room, listed for £250 for the night, has already been taken. Some are listing their whole Cathays house for over £900.

It’s a pretty genius idea if you think about it, with bank accounts now only filled with the small remainder of student loans we have left. One night renting out a room for the footy fans could pay for months of rent, and has the possibility to pay back overdrafts.

Most rooms in Cardiff on Airbnb are usually around the £25-£40 price range. For the Champions League final, however, one room is available for £250 per night, and that’s nothing compared to this room up for £933. Not to mention the service fees on top.

This could pay for 3 months of rent!

One student is even putting their whole house on Airbnb for £800 per night, with all the rooms included, situated in Cathays.

Demand has soared in the Welsh capital this weekend for hotels, in preparation for the big game as Real Madrid take on Juventus, with hotels in the city centre either sold out or priced at extortionate levels, as the biggest match in European football comes to Cardiff.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, as Champions League goers will need somewhere to stay overnight and students are constantly scrounging around for extra money, so this is actually a clever idea. If hotels can rip people off that much, why not do it yourself?