This is where the giant Theresa May billboard on Cathays Terrace came from

The visage sprung up yesterday, so we found out why

Unfortunate souls still having to put in graveyard shifts in the ASSL have been greeted by a familiar face on the route to Lidl, as an anti-Tory billboard has appeared on Cathays Terrace.

The poster, which reads “I am a threat”, accompanied by Theresa May’s face, tells passers-by: “Don’t vote Conservative on June 8th”.

It’s one of 45 across the country, and two in Cardiff, funded by The People’s Assembly, an anti-austerity campaigning group. Confused by the sudden emergence of such a striking billboard, we decided to find out more.

These people dont like Theresa May either

Speaking to The Tab Cardiff, National Secretary Sam Fairbairn explained the motivation behind the billboard, saying “we want to do everything we can in the next six weeks to make sure that the Conservative party aren’t back in government after June 8th, so we decided to run a billboard campaign.”

Supported by a range of political parties and politicians, notably joint Green Party Leader Caroline Lucas and Jeremy Corbyn, the People’s Assembly have organised marches including one last year that saw, by some estimates, around 150,000 people demonstrate in central London, as well as an NHS demonstration in March which the Labour leader spoke at.

Since last night, they’ve managed to raise £21,000 for further projects, including £16,000 in crowdfunded donations, and £5,000 from a trade union pledge.

The People’s Assembly’s current distaste for the Tories stems from austerity, and Sam says that “we feel that their policies have been damaging to the majority of people across the country.” He argues that their manifesto represents a “big attack on older people and pensioners.”

Since the billboards have gone up, the People’s Assembly have been busy fundraising and planning campaigns for the rest of election season. Sam says “we’ve already raised over £20,000 overnight, basically, since launching the billboards. We’re aiming to get over £50,000 if we can to do a whole new round of billboards in the last week, particularly, of the election campaign to target the Conservative party.”

Perhaps Cardiff students can expect to see more giant politicians’ faces plastered around Cathays in the future, then.