Clubbers of the week

Who needs to do well in exams anyway?

Need a break from revision? Take a peek at the exam season special of clubbers of the week, to see all the crazies who are still going out and enjoying themselves. At least you’ll get better results than these guys.

The new One Direction

That’s what makes you beautiful

Hide and seek anyone?


Are you okay in the back?

Get a room

The most told off bouncer

Oh dear

In bed by 11pm


The biggest tongue

Put it away

It’s only Ninjah!

Five seconds of fame

Creepiest clubber

The best accessory

Where can I get some?

Biggest stain

This one needs a bib

The failed hug

The moment’s gone

Tastiest necklace

Yummy yummy

The tallest clubber

You okay up there?

She’s ready for her close up

Jazz hands

Biggest bromance


The tired twins

One of us has to change

May I have this dance?

Go on then

The best grime face

Give us a smile

The funniest joke

I don’t get it?

Do we look at the best flex or the best photobomb here?

Too much choice

Most best dancer

The sass

Squat time

Get that ass

Photo credits: This Is The End Photography, Katerina Hristova, Glam photography, Pryzm photography.