They’re finally renaming the Principality Stadium

Not for long though

The Principality Stadium is set to be renamed ahead of the Champions League final.

Unfortunately, fans won’t see the return of the Millennium Stadium. Instead, It will be renamed ‘The National Stadium of Wales’ for European club football’s most prestigious fixture.

The Cardiff landmark’s name has been of controversy since the name change to the Principality Stadium, but the new name will only be temporary for the Champions League final.

All Principality branding will be removed on May 22nd and will be replaced after the game, as 3000 signs will be taken down during the period.

Another new arrival to the city, as a blue dragon appeared on Cardiff Castle for the final

The decision to rename the stadium was made by UEFA, as they wanted ‘clean stadium’ with no commercial title as part of the deal to bring the world’s biggest club match to Wales.

European giants Juventus and Real Madrid will clash on 3rd June for the Champions League final