You’ll now be able to see if there are any spaces in the ASSL without leaving bed this exam season

Possibly the best news that we’ve heard for a while

Our prayers have officially been answered – Cardiff University will be introducing a headcount system so we can check online for spaces in the library.

The scheme will allow you to check how many people are in the libraries and whether there is space to study.

It will run from 8th May – 2nd June, lasting almost the whole exam period and will run 9-5 Monday to Friday with the headcount system being updated every hour.

Alex Kuklenko, VP Postgraduate Officer at the Student Union, said:

“I wanted to run this program because other UK universities have it and I think it is really important to make sure students know where they can study.

If the site is used enough and there is a good amount of traffic then I will compile this data and work on a business case to present to the University to prove it is worth investing in this kind of thing long term.”

The headcount can be accessed on from May 8th.

Being a Cardiff University student isn’t bad at all.