Clubbers of the Week: Varsity Edition

You’re the one in the red shirt

Cardiff sent Swansea home without a trophy on Wednesday. Revellers were getting wild all day on Wednesday to celebrate the Welsh Varsity, and a lucky few even made it out.

But were you wild enough to make an appearance?

Loneliest Clubbers of the Week

VK Queen

Imaginary friend is it?

I made it to Uni mum

Soapy smiles

Prosecco poser

Bromance Ain’t Dead

Kiss me like one of your french boys

I do it for my fans

“I’m seeing another boy”

Pure smiles all round

Now for the props…

Shit lids, shit trophy

We all love a bit of revision at the SU

Cute glasses lads

What is going on?

Snowman of the week

Muscles of the week

Swansea still figuring out how t-shirts work

Creepiest Clubber

hold my hand so he doesn’t

Strike a Pose

Laid back livin it large

White Girl Wasted

VK lovin

Bubbles Out Trouble’s Out

And finally, peace out Varsity you were wicked