Cardiff University’s semester two exam timetable has been released

Deep breaths, guys

Don’t panic, but Spring Semester exam timetables have been released today.

The exam period runs from Monday the 8th of May to Friday the 9th of June, and the exam timetables informs you on each date, time, and location of every exam during this period.

The exam locations vary, and are spread across the entirety of the Cathays and Heath campuses, including in the Union, City Hall, and Talybont Sports Hall.

One of the locations includes the Great Hall

So get your books in and head to the library, because it’s going to be one rough road from now until your exams are over. Get the snacks, hope for nice weather, and work really hard. Hey, and pray your final exam doesn’t fall on the 9th of June.

Good luck!

You can view your timetable here.