Nominate the Sickest Society Cardiff has to offer

Come on, let’s beat the rugby lads

We all know societies are the basis of a banging night out. Cardiff Uni’s societies swarm and dominate the SU on Wednesday nights, dressed either in their attire or in fancy dress.

But what is the best society Cardiff Uni has to offer? What is the sickest?

Here’s your chance to nominate your society, whether it be sports, subject, or a completely random one. (We’re looking at you, Harry Potter Society.)

It’s nearly the end of term, and we need to educate the coming freshers which society is best if you want a sick night.

And we know Cardiff has plenty of societies in its ranks, so this isn’t about the society that is above all others, that really helps you, joins a community of like-minded people, and has really made you come out of your shell, oh no.

This is about the ones that throw the sickest nights out, with the craziest stories. The ones that threaten repercussions by the uni and have warnings constantly. The ones where you see someone doing something crazy on a night out and immediately think back to a certain society you know goes mental.

We want to know about your initiations, your house parties, your socials, your nutty stories that make your society the ultimate society for party animals.

Send your nominations to [email protected] or message us on Facebook with the name of your society, what type of society they are, what makes them absolutely amazingly sick and some pictures to prove it.