Plans have been announced for Swansea University to join the Russell Group

The news comes under a week before Cardiff and Swansea come face to face in the Welsh Varsity

Cardiff will no longer be the only Russell Group university in Wales, after plans have been announced to make Swansea University the group’s 25th member.

Swansea’s stock has been rising recently, most notably being awarded Welsh University of the year. Russell Group bosses also commended Swansea’s outstanding research, praising the introduction of a new academy that will transform healthcare in Wales.

Swansea will no longer be green with envy

In a statement, the Russell Group said:

“At a time when Higher Education is under growing threat, the importance of recognising the UK’s best institutions has never been greater.

“Since creating the group in 1994, we have continuously looked to expand its membership. We are proud to be elite, but not elitist.

“Several institutions have excelled in recent years, showing ambition and commitment to groundbreaking academic research. However, the 25th addition to the group is something of a landmark, and so we have decided to invite Swansea University, in light of their outstanding achievements.

“We look forward to beginning the next academic year with Swansea our newest member.”

Cardiff has been the only Welsh member of the Russell Group since it joined in 1998.

The most recent additions to the Russell Group were in 2012, when Exeter, Queen Mary of London, Durham, and York joined.

James, a Swansea English third year, said, “It’s great news. Swansea gets a bad rep but I’ve been really impressed with the quality of everything during my time here. Hopefully this will calm the noisy neighbours down, but it should make Varsity a bit more interesting!”

Rosie, a Cardiff Business third year, expressed their disappointment: “Frankly this wasn’t what I signed up for when I came to Cardiff. Swansea was far easier to get into, but I barely considered it because it wasn’t that well regarded.

“We’ll always have the lash though.”

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