Get excited people – Cardiff’s Clubbers of the Week is back!

It’s about time for some procrastination

After a long break, Cardiff’s Clubbers of the Week is back! An article filled with this week’s most mental clubbers for everyone’s amusement.

Did you make the cut?

Most candid

Ye girls look natural

The ones that don’t leave much to the imagination


They’re simply just a banana and two oranges tho right?


Finest hair

Killin’ it

New Spring trend guys

Best selfie takers

When contour that good, u have to take a pic right????

The smallest head


The tastiest shoulder

Nom nom

Big love for VKs over here

Who doesn’t?

Best stolen accessory

Slay gurl

The most rejected hug

O gurl no

Is that Superman?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Best photobomb

He’s so pretty

Biggest troopers


Doesn’t count until u pretend to play the guitar

There is always a third wheel somewhere

So much love in that hug

Psst, m8, we’re trying to take a pic- oh ur getting in, ok

Best bromance

True love never dies


Phone home

The biggest fan of Juice there is

VK in hand as required

Photo credits: This Is The End Photography, Yony Photography.