Boyfriends, this is a guide to your girlfriend’s time of the month

Yeah, I am talking about periods


It’s your girlfriend’s time of the month but lads get over it. At the end of the day, it is just a bit of blood. It is inevitable at some point in a relationship you will be confronted with the fact your girlfriend has a period.

Periods are a natural part of life and are something we as girls shouldn’t be embarrassed about, but that is easier said than done. Personally, I find periods awkward and embarrassing still and think it’s still something that boys just don’t know enough about. Maybe we can blame gender segregation during sex ed in schools, maybe we can blame society, as we blame it for everything but the point isn’t who is to blame? The point is let’s get educated.  Here is a frank discussion about all things Tampax and blood related to helping give you boys a fighting chance when it comes to dealing with mother nature.

As a lady, there is nothing more daunting than going to stay in a house full of lads with the guy you really fancy and having to deal with riding the red wave.  There are so many things to think about from leakage at night to where to put used tampons.

Lads make life easier for your girlfriend and read this article.

Know her cycle

The best way to find this out is to simply ask her. Try and keep track of when roughly it will be, this will avoid awkward situations of you either having to work it out like some complicated maths equation or her trying to tell you in some long and complicated way.

Periods happen once a month (every 28 days) depending on if he is or isn’t on contraception. The pill or implant can disrupt this cycle making it irregular.


Okay, so when it comes to toiletries you will firstly be confronted with the option of Pads/towels or Tampons.

Most well-known brand for tampons is probably Tampax and for pads, a brand called Always, it can always be handy to have some handy if she ever needs them. You don’t have to have them on parade for everyone to see but tucked away in a cupboard ready to swoop in as the knight in shining armour when mother nature makes an unannounced visit.

‘Can you feel the tampon inside you?’

In general, you can’t really feel it once they are inside. Pads, on the other hand, can be uncomfortable.

What even is this?

Understanding her but don’t patronise her

It’s important to remember to be understanding however you don’t want to end up patronising her.  She has dealt with this for a long time and knows how to deal with it, so be cautious not to come across condescending.

At some points she will feel completely fine and no different to normal however at other points it will feel like that scene in Alien where some creature is ripping itself out of John Hurts stomach. Make sure you have some paracetamol kicking around at all times.

Blood, Sex, and Magic

Okay this is down to personal preference, facts are that sex during your girlfriends period can not only reduce pain, due to chemicals released during orgasm, but it can also speed it up.

If the blood doesn’t bother her it shouldn’t bother you and there are certain ways around the mess. For example laying down an old towel or good old sex in the shower.

What not to say in arguments

The following common phrases are ones to avoid if you want to stay clear of the dog house when arguing:

“Are you on your period or something?”

“Is that the period talking? “

“Just because you’re on your period…”

Number one rule. never ask in the mists of an argument, if you feel this may be the case your safest option is to give her some chocolate and retreat to a safe distance.  Do not blame the period, listen to her and take her points seriously.


Approximately every three hours she will need to sort herself out in terms of changing her tampon or pad. Having a bin with a lid in the bathroom allowing her to discretely dispose of sanitary products makes her life a lot easier. As said before it doesn’t hurt to have some emergency tampons hidden away for in a moment of need.

Leakage is one of the main practical concerns for a girl during her period. This is most likely to happen at night.  It’s not a big deal so don’t make her feel bad for it when the chances are she is already feeling embarrassed.

So with all that said it’s time to step up to the plate lads and be there for your girlfriend. Let’s face it when you’re perfectly happy dealing with blood on COD then you can handle a little period blood.