Varsity after party to host YOLO, Juice and a VK foam party across the SU building

The event is next week on the 5th of April

Next week’s Varsity event will finish with its after party in Cardiff’s Students’ Union.

The night of the 5th of April will host its usual Wednesday YOLO, as well as other rooms for its all-building event.

The Varsity Club Night will combine the SU’s favourite events, as both YOLO and Juice will claim a room in the building.

Y Plas posted on their Facebook page where each event will be.

//VARSITY CLUBNIGHT// is now an ALL building event!!! Y Plas Nightclub – YOLOGreat Hall – VK Arena Presents: Varsity…

Posted by Y Plas Nightclub on Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Y Plas will stick to the usual Wednesday night, and will host YOLO, and is potentially the last YOLO of this academic year.

The Great Hall will present a Varsity Foam Party hosted by VK Arena, which will feature Bump and Grind and other guests.

Y Stiwdio will open its arms to Juice, which is the usual Saturday night in the SU.

All events are after the Welsh Varsity, which is next Wednesday.